Bo Droga | Miami Dominoes has been selected as one of 26 Successful World Wide Street Art Projects


Public art has the power to reshape the way we experience our cities. We saw that time and again during my time as Mayor of New York City: art could remake streets and improve public safety, inspire people, draw in visitors, and enhance residents’ quality of life,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies. “When we combined our public art projects with our efforts to strengthen city infrastructure, through new public plazas or bike lanes, we created even safer, more vibrant streets for everyone. Now, we’re working to share our experience and enliven streets and plazas around the world.”

– Michael R. Bloomberg

Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg Associates have announced the Asphalt Art Initiative; 26 projects from around the world implemented in the past decade, showcasing the variety of successful ways to incorporate artwork on city streets and public infrastructure, including Bo Droga’s Miami Dominoes.

“My artwork ‘Miami Dominoes’ is a site specific installation that aims at enhancing the concrete infrastructure of the underline metro rail near the University of Miami Metro Rail Station. For thousands of students, locals and visitors, the Rail Station is a critical gateway to access the university, their homes and the local business services, including shops, medical centers and much more. Unfortunately, the heavy concrete structure underneath the railway tracks is a real eye sore. My artwork ‘Miami Dominoes’ offers to transform the concrete pylons into a visually fun, playful and thought provoking installation that celebrates creativity through the method of “trompe l’oeil”. Turning the concrete pylons into a set of Dominos game pieces, the thematic behind ‘Miami Dominoes’ transcends all ages, all cultural and socio economic backgrounds. It will create an element of pride for the local neighborhood and will be enjoyed by the greater Miami community and visiting tourists.”

– Bo Droga

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