Stephen Ormandy | Solo Exhibition in Paris

Stephen Ormandy presented an impressive solo exhibition titled Les formes sont des couleurs, at Galerie Bessieres in Paris.

‘By moving beyond a diametrical opposition between geometric and lyrical abstraction, Stephen Ormandy handles abstraction in a refreshing manner. The artist did not only pay constant attention to form and color, but also places value on emotional contact with people viewing his work. His approach represents an ideal equilibrium in painting today.’


Installation images from: https://www.bessieres-art-contemporain.com/from-may-16th-to-june-30th-stephen-ormandy-exhibition

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STEPHEN ORMANDY | Work in Progress

OLSEN gallery is pleased to present one of four monumental sculptures commissioned for the Suzhou Sports Centre Shangha by Stephen Ormandy.

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Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy: The Art of Dinosaur Designs

OLSEN Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen’s major survey exhibition The Art of Dinosaur Designs at the Hazlehurst Regional Gallery.

The exhibition is a colourful fusion of art, design and fashion, referencing Olsen and Ormandy’s iconic design label Dinosaur Designs and explores the artful and aesthetic prevalent throughout their work. The exhibition features a series of more than 40 large-scale sculptural forms that celebrate the pair’s thirty year creative partnership.

Gathering highlights of Olsen and Ormandy’s creative career, Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy: The Art of Dinosaur Designs features works such as Series 8: Movement (2011), a set of eight disks in dazzling colours commissioned to mark the fifth anniversary of Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).  More recent commissions include Loop (2014), a wall-hung sculpture evocative of  “the rhythmic lines created when you drop a rock in a lake” as Olsen describes it. Its soft colour transitions are a constant to Collar Bone (2014) which is characterised by chroma clashes from orange to blue rendered in a painterly application.

The Art of Dinosaur Designs | Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy
1 April – 14 May 2017

For more information on the exhibition, please visit http://www.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/Community/Hazelhurst

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Stephen Ormandy | Habitus Living

Habitus magazine’s Nicky Lobo takes us inside the home of Olsen Irwin artist Stephen Ormandy. Ormandy shares his home with wife Louise Olsen, cofounder of Dinosaur Designs together with Ormandy, and their daughter Camile. Lobo discusses Ormandy’s return to art after many years focusing on business and design.

“Some might say that Stephen’s recent refocusing on his own art practice is just as bold, but it’s ‘all one expression’ to him. The move is not exactly out of the blue – he is a trained artist deeply connected to the Olsen creative dynasty, which includes his partner, Louise, her brother, gallery owner Tim and their father, John.” – Nicky Lobo, Habitus

Read the entire article here on habitusliving.com


Ormandy with one of his works. Image courtesy Chris Chen


Details of Ormandy’s home. Image courtesy Chris Chen.


Ormandy’s studio. Image courtesy Chris Chen.


Paul Ryan | Stephen Ormandy | Marisa Purcell | The Art Hunter

The work of Olsen Irwin artist’s Paul Ryan, Stephen Ormandy and Marisa Purcell can be seen in The Art Hunter exhibition, currently on until 30 March 2014. Stemming from a collaboration between The Cool Hunter and Jaguar, The Art Hunter is a temporary exhibition running for 3 weeks only in a converted warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney. Curated by Diana Palmer, the exhibition features the work of over 40 artists.

The Art Hunter
11 -30 March 2014
Tue to Fri: 12-8pm
Sat, Sun: 10am – 4pm

90-96 Bourke Road
Alexandria NSW 2015

Ormandy_ArtHunter Ormandy2_ArtHunter Ryan_ArtHunter


Stephen Ormandy | The Design Files

Australia’s premier design blog, The Design Files, have showcased yet another great Australian home, this time taking us behind the scenes of elite members of Sydney’s art and design royalty, Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen. As founders of the ever popular Dinosaur Designs, it is no wonder that their home exudes style and finesse.

‘The impressive art collection displayed across almost every wall includes work by Louise’s father, revered Australian artist John Olsen, as well paintings by Stephen himself, whose practice continues to grow and command serious attention in the art world.’ – Lucy Feagins, The Design Files

‘The works are by friends and artists we love, they all have stories and so many memories. My Mum used to say that ‘paintings are like windows’. They do become part of your life’. – Louise Olsen, The Design Files

View the entire feature here on The Design Files.DDHome-sittingDDHome-TV2DDHome-bedroom DDHome-dressingtableDDHome-StephenPainting DDHome-dining


Stephen Ormandy | Polychromatism – The Art of Stephen Ormandy

“Polychromatism. The art of Stephen Ormandy” directed by Mario Sanasi takes us into Stephen Ormandy‘s studio and gives us direct insight into his work, process and techniques.

Photographic collages form the basis for many of Ormandy’s works – “I cut shapes from coloured pieces of paper – I arrange them looking for rhythms of tone, colour, form. I then photograph it and move on and I can work very quickly and it allows me to take a lot of photographs in a very intense period of time”. Similarly his sculpture also stems from the notion of collage. Ormamdy’s sculptures are essentially 3D collages formed from an “alphabet of shapes”.

Discussing what it is to be an artist, Ormandy says, “To be able to self edit and be self critical is crucial […] You have to be your worst critic – it’s really important.”


Stephen Ormandy | Share Design | Sydney Contemporary

Share Design were quick to spot Stephen Ormandy‘s beautiful new sculptures that will be on show at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair this weekend. Following the works’ progress via Ormandy’s instagram, Share Design instantly fell in love.

“This body of work is a continuation of Stephen’s last exhibition, which was celebrated for the series of bold colour-blocked works. This collection however is a beautiful step to the side, as Ormandy has explored the same shapes but in a ‘softer’ palette of materials – Ormandy has combined the earthiness of marble and black stone, with the beauty of bronze.” – Share Design


Stephen Ormandy, Digital organic mineral V, 2013, marble and bronze, 18 x 14 x 5cm, $2750 – edition of 8


Stephen Ormandy, Digital organic mineral VI, 2013, marble and blackstone, 15 x 9 x 9cm, $2750 – edition of 8

Ormandy’s new sculpture along with many more Olsen Irwin favourites will be on display at the Olsen Irwin stand at the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair from tonight until Sunday 22 Sept.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair
245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh NSW 2015

Thursday 19 Sept – Sunday 22 Sept 2013

Opening Hours:
Thursday 6-9pm
Friday 12-7pm
Saturday 10-6pm
Sunday 10-5pm

Tickets available for sale here.