John Olsen | ABC | The King Sun

The King Sun: John Olsen aired on ABC1 10m Tuesday 17 June 2014. The documentary takes us inside John Olsen’s journey to create the second largest mural of his career at the age of 85. The eight by six metre mural now takes centre stage at the Walker Corporation’s development, Collins Square at Melbourne Docklands.

The documentary can be seen here on ABC Iview.

Directed by Tony Williams. Produced by Anna Hewgill of Four Donkey Films in association with ABC TV and Screen Australia.
ABC Commissioning Editor: Mandy Chang
ABC Head of Arts: Katrina Sedgwick


Tamara Dean | Documentary

Watch the video as some of New York’s most prominent curators, art writers and philanthropists discuss Tamara Dean’s acclaimed series ‘The Edge’.

“ ‘The Edge’ explores the informal rites of passage that young people create for themselves in the natural world. The initiations, the pushing of physical, spiritual and emotional limits in order to discover one’s sense of self.” – Tamara Dean

No longer guided into adulthood by the exacting customs of structured institutions, today’s youth are left to explore and discover their own sense of self, inevitably forming their own rituals and rites of passage, often closely aligned with their immediate surroundings and the natural world.

Dean’s series ‘The Edge‘ takes the viewer on a journey – exploring local haunts, observing initiations and navigating the emotional landscape of youth – with each work of the series unveiling an intimate moment of contemplation and trepidation.

Of the title work from the series, ‘The Edge’, American art critic Gregory Volk observes the 18 year old protagonist as “… at the cusp between boyhood and manhood, known and unknown, and this atmospheric waterfall seems downright baptismal, ushering him into the next complex stage of his life.” – Gregory Volk, Art in America 2014.

The Edge’ will be exhibited for the first time in its entirety at Olsen Irwin from 5 to 23 March 2014. With works from the series winning a New York Photo Award, being highly commended in the 2013 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize and Olive Cotton Award and named as a finalist in the 62nd Blake Prize, Art & About: Sydney Life and 2014 Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award – the highly anticipated Olsen Irwin exhibition is sure to be a big success.

Tamara Dean
The Edge
Opening 8 March 2-4pm
Exhibition 5 – 23 March 2014

Olsen Irwin
63 Jersey Road
Woollahra NSW 2025


John Olsen | The Art of Australia

John Olsen has been featured in Edmund Capon’s ABC documentary ‘The Art of Australia‘. The three part series presented by Edmund Capon, director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales from 1978 until 2011, depicts the history of Australia through its art and artists. Catch up on this not to be missed documentary of on Australian art here.

In the final episode ‘Beyond Australia’, Capon discussed Olsen’s work and influence on Australian art. Olsen and Capon discus his life’s work over lunch at Sydney’s iconic Lucio’s restaurant.

Capon names Olsen as being at the forefront of the abstract revolution in Australia, ‘fighting to take Australian art in a whole new direction’ – Edmund Capon

After leaving Australia for Spain as a 28 year old in 1956, John Olsen returned to Australia in 1960, bringing with him the colours and vitality of Mediterranean culture. This was expressed in his work from 1960 ‘Spanish Encounter‘. Capon calls Olsen’s ‘Spanish Encounter‘, ‘A picture of incredible, I think, vitality and exuberance. You can’t stand in front of this picture and not be moved by the sheer emotion of it all.’ – Edmund Capon

‘Olsen fought for abstract art’s acceptance. It was fresh, energetic and modern.’ – Edmund Capon

Also featured in the episode is Olsen’s ‘Five Bells‘, described by Capon as, ‘A great celebration of the fertile inner life of nature’.

Watch all three episodes of ‘The Art in Australia’ here.

TheArtofAustralia_Olsen1 TheArtofAustralia_Olsen4TheArtofAustralia_Olsen2


John Olsen, Five Bells, Limited Edition Fine Art Reproduction, Limited offer of $1,950 for John Olsen’s ‘Five Bells’ in Large (RRP $2,100)


Nic Fiddian-Green | DW Documentary

“A giant horse’s head at London’s Marble Arch has become something of a local landmark. It’s the work of British artist Nic Fiddian Green. He’s been producing monumental bronze sculptures for 20 years – and they’re all about horses.” – DW

As Nic Fiddian-Green‘s monumental sculptures are shimmied into position at Olsen Irwin, in preparation for tomorrow’s opening of his exhibition of new works, it is timely to get to know more about the man behind the horse’s head. DW have featured Fiddian-Green in a short documentary in his Surrey Downs studio. As we watch Fiddian-Green at work in his studio we are given unparalleled insight into his processes, techniques, inspiration and concepts – an absolute must see.

Nic Fiddian-Green: New Works
30 October – 17 November 2013

Olsen Irwin
63 Jersey Road
NSW 2025 Woollahra