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SONY DSCAfter a breakthrough role in the Australian coming of age film The Year My Voice Broke in 1987, Noah Taylor has gone on to become one of Australia’s biggest acting exports with lead roles in Shine, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Red Dog and the cult HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Despite his undeniable on-screen success, Taylor admits that acting was something he fell into as an adolescent and his passion lies with in fact with his drawing and painting practice.

Never formally trained as a painter, his simple ink on paper works recall an innate sense of innocence and naivety. These almost childlike figurative works are, however, corrupted by haunting imagery – a small figure on a horse being held up at gun point; dark figures in shadow readying their guns; an isolated and desolate landscape. The scenes and imagery appear as if from an unknown land, the beginning a new civilisation or a re-imagining of the past. There is also an underlying humour in Taylor’s work. One cannot help but smirk when confronted with the scene of a cat offering a supportive pat on the back.

Taylor draws from the subconscious, allowing his brush to intuitively form the bizarre and unsettling narratives. Noah Taylor’s works, although seemingly simple, leave a vivid, complex and – most certainly – a lasting impression.

Noah Taylor
New Works
Exhibition 4 – 21 June 2014
To be opened by Claudia Karvan 7 June 2014

Olsen Irwin
Works on Paper, Small Paintings and Sculpture
40 Queen Street
Woollahra NSW 2025


Paul Ryan | Studio Visit Q&A

These images were shot on a recent visit to Paul Ryan‘s Thirroul studio. Ryan allowed us a look at his most recent work for the upcoming exhibition ‘Happy Days On The Leisure Coast’ at Olsen Irwin Works on Paper, Small Paintings and Sculpture. Ryan’s exhibition will be the first solo show in the recently relaunched Queen Street space, that showcases artists’ smaller and more accessible works. While at Ryan’s the studio, I had a chance to get answers to the questions I’d been itching to ask. Scroll down for the Q&A:


OI. How do you feel about the focus on your personal life in the media – as the son of a catholic priest and catholic college worker, adopted into a family in New Zealand?
PR. I am very comfortable with the media focus on my personal life and the unique circumstances surrounding my conception, and subsequent adoption.

OI. We saw this influence your recent entry for The Blake Prize ‘My Real Daddy is a Priest’, 2013. Has this influenced much of your other work to date?
PR. ‘My Real Daddy is a Priest’, is the first work I have made regarding my biological father and adoption. I have nothing new to add at the present but don’t rule out more work on this topic at some stage.

PR_Studio_Jan2014_4webPR_Studio_Jan2014_12webOI. With your last exhibition titled ‘Wild Colonial Boys’ and a focus on male explorers, pioneers and first settlers, when will we see some wild colonial girls?
PR. One of the works in the upcoming show ‘Happy Days on the Leisure Coast’, is a group picnic scene with both men and women. Possibly more work to follow with images of colonial women in extravagant dress.

OI. We are beginning to see more references to the notion of a dandy in your work, this seems quite far removed from your life as an artist and surfer in Thirroul. Did you miss your calling?
PR. I have long been attracted to the idea of dressing as a dandy. The thing is, I live in Wollongong, well Thirroul to be precise and getting about as a dandy would draw the wrong sort of attention I suspect. Better to dress in a fashion that renders me inconspicuous. If, however I lived in New York or London, where the winters are very cold I could see myself developing a fine and dandy wardrobe.PR_Studio_Jan2014_13webPR_Studio_Jan2014_1webPaul Ryan
Happy Days On The Leisure Coast
Opening Saturday 1 March 2-4pm
Exhibition 26 February – 29 March 2014

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