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New Home for Mural

Newcastle Herald
Amy Edwards

Newcastle born artist John Olsen gathered his emotions as he stood in front of his artwork at Newcastle Art Gallery yesterday evening.
Olsen painted the 1964 ceiling mural titled The Sea Sun of 5 Bells for his friend Dr Ann Lewis and it was unveiled last night as part of the gallery's latest exhibition.
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Sydney Morning Hedrald
Andrew Frost
August 3rd 2012

Matthew Johnson's paintings are all about colour. His canvases feature swathes of diffuse background colours overlaid with soft-edged circles. Like the dot screen of a reproduced picture on a printed page, these layers come together to seduce the eye with hidden patterns and swirling lines. Johnson's latest show, Coalescence (pictured, until August 12, Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am- 5pm, Sunday noon-5pm, Tim Olsen Gallery 63 Jersey Road Woollahra 9327 3922) continues this painterly experimentation but, with a break from more than a decade of exploring the depths of his trademark diffuse fields, the artist had introduced vibrant colours and hard edges. The results are remarkable, bringing a new and visually scintillating vibrancy to the work.

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Slow study of a changing landscape

The Daily Telegraph
Elizabeth Fortescue
June 20 2012

You have heard of the slow food movement. Slow food. Slow living. If there's a type of art that fits the slow philosophy, perhaps Ann Thomson's is it.
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Ian Grant

Artist Profile
Issue 19

My Exhibition with Tim Olsen Gallery develops the imaging of land and sky that has been a focus for me for the past 15 years. The broad source for this imagery comes from my experiences in central New South Wales, to where I often travel and where I am always an outsider, a visitor. It is my encounter there with distance, stillness and silence that I find memorable, and the imaging of this experience has propelled much of my recent painting.
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Real riches to be found in an enduring and abstract vision

Sydney Morning Herald
Joyce Morgan
June 6 2012

In an era of fleeting fads, Ann Thomson's works invite quiet contemplation, writes Joyce Morgan
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My Chilling Ordeal

Mosman Daily
Kate Crawford
May 31st 2012

Artist Sophie Cape recalls avalanche terror

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Brush with death transformed to art

The Daily Telegraph
Elizabeth Fortescue

On February 17 this year, Sophie Cape was painting alone on an Austrian mountain side, when a terrifying roar of wind heralded an avalanche. The Sydney artist was buried, along with 4 large canvases laid out on the snow.
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Outback Her Inspiration - Exhibition's Sad Footnote

Mosman Daily
Kate Crawford
8 May 2012

Mosman artist Jo Bertini's latest exhibition of desert paintings has a sad footnote. The paintings were inspired by her outback trip last year when she was due to meet up with ABC journalist Paul Lockyer.
However, Lockyer, his cameraman John Bean and pilot Gary Ticehurst, died in a helicopter crash on the eastern shore of Lake Eyre.
"I was devastated - I had only just been talking to Paul," Bertini said.
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An Instinctively Australian Artist

Kate Cope
November 2011

Nominated as a finalist for the past two years in the Sulman Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW, Jo Bertini’s art has come full circle. As a young, budding artist in the early 1980s, Jo eagerly left Australia for Milan and all the opportunities that Europe offered culturally and artistically. After being firmly ensconced in Italy and France for ten years, a brief visit to Australia saw Jo experience a ‘shock of recognition’ that Australia really was ‘home’.
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Living Colour

Belle Magazine
Alex Speed

Painter Gria Shead keeps the words of Australian still-life Margaret Olley in mind as she works. "Margaret always said, 'Paint what is in front of you' and it's a mantra that I live by," says the Sydney based artist. "what she meant is not to search too far from what's close to you and relates to your life. For her, that was painting her home. For me, it is finding a common thread linking me to the interiors of the buildings I paint."
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Pools of light illuminate fragility of humanity in the natural setting

Sydney Morning Herald
Clare Morgan
April 25 2012

The evolution of sophisticated but relatively cheap digital cameras, the availability of computer software means pretty much anyone these days can call themselves a photographer.
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Pagan Rites

Australian Art Collector
Ashley Crawford
April 11 2012

In her photographs Tamara Dean tries to recreate the old rites that used to mark our way through life write Ashley Crawford. Portrait by Nicholas Watt.
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Frozen moment

Vogue Australia
Alexandra Spring
May 2012

If there are paintings on the walls of artist Martine Emdur's living room, I must have overlooked them. Dominating the room is a dramatic view of the Pacific Ocean, framed by French doors flung open on this balmy summer day. Fitting indeed, for the artist who has made her name exploring it's depths. "It's different every time I go underwater," says the petite Emdur, who has invited me into her home to see her latest body of work. "Theres endless amounts of offerings from down there, which I'm happy to grab."
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Men at work

GQ Australia
April 1 2012

Sleek, stylish and versatile, the HP Spectre is the perfect laptop for the Modern Male.
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Angus and Tim Talk Art

The Lennox Wave
March 31st

Internationally renowned Lennox Head artist Angus McDonald will join friends and guests at The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa on August 9th to discuss the art world he inhabits and how it has changed in the past twenty years.
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Small joy flows from a lake of tears

The Daily Telegraph
Elizabeth Fortescue

When Paul Lockyer took off on his fateful tril to Lake Eyre last August, the veteran ABC journalist left a manuscript for his family to read while he was away.
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Olsen offers painting in honour of ABC's Lockyer

The Australian
Sallie Don

John Olsen made the final touches to his latest ainting of Lake Eyre only a few days ago. Approaching Lake Eyre was his memorial to Paul Lockyer, the ABC journalist who died in a helicopter crash alongside cameraman John Bean and pilot Gary Ticehurst at Lake Eyre in August last year.


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Not the Way Home

Artist Profile

Jennifer Keeler-Milne’s recent work has investigated light and space in an urban context, partly created during residences in France and Japan. In travelling to Fowlers Gap, she was forced to engage in a different mode of looking She created a suit of drawings that were inspired by what covered the ground in this desert landscape – a rich abundance of flowers and plants that had spring to life following usually high rainfall. Keeler-Milne contrasted her detailed recordings of these plants and flowers with interpretations of the seemingly endless sky.
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Open Gallery

Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
Lynne Dwyer
3-4 March 2012

Anyone attracted to modernist architecture will enjoy the work of Paul Davies.
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The Work of Paul Davies

February 23 2012

We have always been fascinated by architectural fine art, whether it be Evan Hecox' city paintings or even the way that Ian Francis has incorporated buildings into his dreamy paintings. Today, we were stroked by the work of Australian artist Paul Davies, whose work is primarily concerns with modern architecture, and has been influences by the like of Jeffrey Smart and Frank Lloyd Wright.
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