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Painting Down Under: Artist Paul Davies

W Magazine Online
Timothy McCahil

For several years, and with hypnotic effect, Paul Davies has painted the same house over and over again. The house is always modernist – clean lines, hard angles – but the landscape around it changes constantly: in one piece, the house sits in a swamp; in another, a primeval forest, the skies above cloudy and foreboding. It’s a jarring juxtaposition, a nightmare version of an architecture magazine.

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When the Invisible Becomes Visible

The Sydney Morning Herald
Joyce Morgan

For artist Michael Johnson, size most definitely matters..
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The things that still move us: Philip Hunter in conversation with Fiona Hile

Art & Australia
Fiona Hile
April 2011

Philip Hunter has talked about his work as ‘an invariably complex field of conceptual possibilities and material outcomes; a zone where different foci, fragments, textures, perspectives, illusory spaces, moods and views coexist.’  A conversation with the artist can be as complex as one of his paintings, and when I visited him recently at his Melbourne studio where he was preparing for a forthcoming exhibition at Sydney’s Tim Olsen Gallery we discussed, among other things, his recent trip to Europe; his new ‘tropical inland sea’ paintings; Borges; Calvino; wasp nests; dog fences; horseshoes; memory palaces; horizons and ‘a vast book with no pages’ . What follows is a slice taken from that conversation.
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Olsen sees the light shining from a dead heart

Sydney Morning Herald
Wendy Frew

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Art 101

Inside Out
Leta Keens
April 2011

Love art but unsure how to start your own collection? Experts, curators and gallery directors reveal their tips on how to find what suits your taste, budget and home.
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Art Throbs

Hapers Bazaar
Jane Albert
May 2011

The hottest new creatives in the frame.
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Ben Ali Ong - Ballads of the Dead and Dreaming

Art Month Blog
Rhianna Walcott

With its darkly poetic title, Ballads of the Dead and Dreaming, Ben Ali Ong’s latest series will not disappoint those familiar with his ominous, seductive and moody photographs. The exhibition which is being shown at Tim Olsen Gallery, as part of Art Month Sydney, chronicles Ong’s ongoing fascination with ideas of mortality, spirituality and the subconscious.
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20 Questions

Sydney Morning Herald
Linda Morris

20 Questions
Guy Maestri

Archibald winner, Johnny Cash fan, Mudgee boy, coffee snob.

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Tony Magnusson
April 2011 edition

Paul Davies designs the artist page for the latest edition of GQ
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Broken Dreams of An Athlete

The Mosman Daily
Kate Crawford

The paintings in artist Sophie Cape’s first solo exhibition reflect the pain of her former career as a downhill ski racer. Sophie’s paintings have been described as “shocking in impact with their shattered bones and broken dreams”. Sophie grew up in Mosman and is the daughter of Mosman artist Ann Cape
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An abstract blast from the present

Sydney Morning Herald - SMH
John Macdonald

As floods follows droughts, the art dealers are hoping a new year will bring clients rushing back through their doors. The previous 12 months were so quiet and visitation so poor that 2011 simply has to be better. This may be an optimistic view, but only an optimist would ever open a commercial gallery. The problem has not been the quality of the shows but the dogged reluctance of buyers to succumb to their acquisitive impulses. The money was there but self-denial was practices with a rigour that is rarely seen in Sydney. As usual there are many shows crying out for attention, but at the risk of making an arbitrary connection, I’ll look at three exhibitions by three young painters working in completely different styles.. Sophie Cape, at the Tim Olsen Gallery is making her debut…  Cape, who is the youngest of these three artists but perhaps, the most confidant...
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24 Hours - The Arts Diary

Sydney Morning Herald

Cross a paintbrush with an adrenalin rush and you get artist Sophie Cape, pictured. A champion downhill skier until injuries forced a change of career, Cape describes her violent way with a brush as "a cathartic expulsion of energy". Her pyschological self portraits,
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Painting with an Adrenalin Brush

The Sunday Herald
Alicia Wood

Somewhere within Sophie Cape’s violent and visceral paintings is her biography. As the dirt and paint intersect on huge pieces of paper, the results tell the story of an elite athlete distraught after injures took away her goals. Cape was a champion skier who changed careers after serious knee and muscle injuries.
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Soul of a Nation Rendered in Light and Shade

The Sydney Morning Herald
Leo Robba

In casting around for a theme for this year’s Australia Day special, we hoped to choose one that would give the artists scope to explore and celebrate what it means to be Australian. The brief was that the work should be a personal response to our country’s diversity, landscape and culture. Each artist has brought a distinct vision of how they understand and picture our national character, reflecting the wide rang of reactions to the idea of Australia Day.
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Songs for Sorrow

Better Photography
Summer 2011

What does it take to become an art photographer? While well-known artists can command high prices for their work, most started with small shows and built their reputation over number of years. Ben Ali Ong is at the beginning of his career, having just secured representation with the Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney where at his first exhibition with the gallery he sold 22 pieces.
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What Now?

Australian Art Collector
Courtney Kidd
Jan 2011

What Now?


Your dazzling paintings in the 1990’s with right, clashing colours, attracted a lot of attention. What have you been working on lately?

I’m focussing on the show coming up in March. It’s made up of embroidery works, small scale about 30 by 30 centimetres in size and all done by hand. Their embroidery mesh is spray-painted, they’re like the way I work with paper.
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The Getting of Wisdom

The Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald
Janet Hawley

Lessons learnt from life.

John Olsen

The artist, 82, tells what he knows about… 

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Photographer Battles to Stay in the Picture

The Sydney Morning Herald
Steve Meacham

Rex Dupain quickly acknowledges his favourite subject in his new book and exhibition, Australia: 150 Photographs. “Turn to page 57,” he says, deadpan. “She was the most obedient model in the book. I said stay still and she did just that. I didn’t even have to get her to sign a model release.” The joke becomes clear when you reach the right page: a statue in Waverley Cemetery

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Phoenix Rising

The Weekend Australia
Ross Bilton

Photographer Rex Dupain was in a town in Western NSW and the locals were warning him not to go near the local Aboriginal reserve. Your car will be damaged, they said; you’ll be robbed or beaten up. But then Dupain met an Aboriginal man in the street who offered to take him there and show him around. “Don’t worry bro,” the man said. “If you’re with me you’ll be OK.”

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Creative Symbolism

Inside Out Magazine
Lainey George

Art, design and family come together in painter David Band's Melbourne home and studio, providing inspiration for his fertile mind.
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