Bo Droga | Award Winning Public Artwork ‘Miami Dominoes’


OLSEN GRUIN artist Bo Droga is behind the award winning public artwork Miami Dominoes. The piece has had overwhelming positive responses:

Daiana Rocha (Emmy Award winning journalist): “Miami Domino will soon turn into an iconic symbol of Miami. The kind of art that will be used as a landmark to reference our city all around the world. It represents Miami in so many implicit ways that is impossible to go unnoticed.”

Luis Hernandez WLRN’s Sundial: “Miami Dominoes has touched the soul of Miami”

My South Florida Today. “This is why local public art is so important. We all love dominoes. Thank you for this lovely installation”

John Edward Smith Publisher of South Miami Magazine: “Miami Dominos gives life to a barren urban landscape seen for over 35 years and foreshadows the creative possibilities coming with The Underline. It is truly an exhilarating and refreshing public art installation.”

You can read more about the process and kickstarter project here.

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