Gwyn Hanssen Pigott | Cressida Campbell | 10 Australian artists of the past 50 years | The Australian

Olsen Irwin artists Cressida Campbell and Gwyn Hanssen Pigott have been named in Christopher Allen’s ’10 Australian artists of the past 50 years’.

“Campbell shows how beauty and significance can be found in the most humble of subjects, simply by attentiveness to the world and care in the crafting of the image, in her case through an elaborate and personal adaptation of Japanese ukiyoe technique.” – Christopher Allen, The Weekend Australian

“Gwyn Hansen Pigott was one of Australia’s finest potters; her still life assemblages make a slightly eclectic reference to the paintings of Morandi, but the ceramic forms themselves speak of the complete harmony of mind and hand in the potter’s craft.” – Christopher Allen, The Weekend Australian

Read the article in its’ entirety here on The Weekend Australian website.


Cressida Campbell, On the mantlepiece, 1985, Woodblock (watercolour on incised plywood), 48 x 95cm

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