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Habitus magazine’s Nicky Lobo takes us inside the home of Olsen Irwin artist Stephen Ormandy. Ormandy shares his home with wife Louise Olsen, cofounder of Dinosaur Designs together with Ormandy, and their daughter Camile. Lobo discusses Ormandy’s return to art after many years focusing on business and design.

“Some might say that Stephen’s recent refocusing on his own art practice is just as bold, but it’s ‘all one expression’ to him. The move is not exactly out of the blue – he is a trained artist deeply connected to the Olsen creative dynasty, which includes his partner, Louise, her brother, gallery owner Tim and their father, John.” – Nicky Lobo, Habitus

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Ormandy with one of his works. Image courtesy Chris Chen


Details of Ormandy’s home. Image courtesy Chris Chen.


Ormandy’s studio. Image courtesy Chris Chen.


Artwork for the Home | Mim Design

It can be hard to picture the transition of a work from stark gallery wall to domestic everyday setting. However the experience of living with an artwork allows a much deeper appreciation and understanding of an artists’ work – discovering new details, observing subtle shifts in light throughout the day, shaping the mood and feeling of a space and dictating further art and design purchases. The work of Olsen Irwin artists Melinda Harper, Michael Johnson, Paul Davies and Matthew Johnson are feature pieces in the stunning interiors below from Melbourne design firm, Mim Design. And while these perfectly manicured interiors may be a far cry from your everyday family life, they do offer some style cues that can be applied when styling a room around an artwork, from allowing a work to take centre stage to picking up on subtle colours and tones with accent accessories and figuring out the appropriate scale of work for the room.


Mim Design. Painting by Melinda Harper


Mim Design. Painting by Michael Johnson

Chambers_024-785x470 copy

Mim Design. Painting (left) by Paul Davies and (right) by Matthew Johnson


Mim Design. Painting by Michael Johnson


Mim Design. Painting by Matthew Johnson

MimHouseNew05-785x470 copy

Mim Design. Painting (left) by Michael Johnson and (right) by Matthew Johnson


Mim Design. Painting by Melinda Harper