John Olsen | The Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review has reported on the increase of discerning Asian buyers collecting works from iconic Australian artist, John Olsen. Works from Olsen’s most recent exhibition at Olsen Irwin sold to a predominantly Asian clientele, including two works to a client in Hong Kong and six works to a buyer in Singapore. Despite lackluster sales from a recent London exhibition and negative reviews of London’s Royal Academy exhibition ‘Australia’, Olsen’s work is growing in popularity with Asian collectors. “I can now say, without a lie, that [the UK pictures] all went.” – Tim Olsen, Director, Olsen Irwin

Considering the success of the Olsen Irwin exhibition and increased interest from Asian buyers, particularly following the disappointment of a 2013 exhibition in London, Tim Olsen is quoted as saying, “[Asian buyers] with their consummate and innate understanding of calligraphy and mark-making in reference to landscape and space… also tend to have an established ‘Zen’ eye, in contrast to the dour British observer who struggles to grapple with the nature of our antique continent with its scruffy beauty.” – Tim Olsen, Director, Olsen Irwin