Marisa Purcell | Inside Out Magazine

Below are some of the stunning images from Marisa Purcell‘s Bondi home in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine. The vibrant and colourful family home also houses a studio for Purcell as well as a studio for husband, Max Lyandvert, a composer and theatre director.

On the choice of colours in her artwork, Purcell says, “Colour is an instinctual thing for me. When I’m working on a painting, I tend to imagine the tones on the canvas and I see how they might sit before I do it. Other times I just go with the first colour that jumps into my head. It’s a mixture of considered thought and instinct.” – Marisa Purcell, Inside Out

Read the article and view more images of their beautiful home in the April issue of Inside Out – out now.

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