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Olsen Irwin artist, Jan Frank, discusses his most recent exhibition at Nahmad Contemporary with Art in America’s Raphael Rubenstein. The exhibition features Frank’s works on paper in response to John Chamberlain’s sculpture practice. Both Frank’s works on paper and a single Chamberlain sculpture are exhibited together to form a thought provoking exhibition.

“A show currently on view at New York gallery Nahmad Contemporary (through July 26) demonstrates that Chamberlain’s painted-metal sculptures can also connect with the medium of drawing, especially when the drawings have been made with Chamberlain’s work in mind. In the exhibition a single classic Chamberlain sculpture titled Gangster of Love (1985) is surrounded by “Crushed,” a series of 32 abstract, mostly linear, black-ink drawings made in 2011 by Amsterdam-born, New York-based artist Jan Frank.” – Raphael Rubenstein, Art in America

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Jan Frank | Nahmad Contemporary | NYC

Olsen Irwin artist Jan Frank’s work is currently on show at Nahmad Contemporary in New York. Running from 25 June to 26 July 2014, the exhibition includes exhibited thirty-two ink drawings by Frank, encircling a single sculpture by John Chamberlain.

“John and I had a relationship for almost 25 years, always with the idea of showing together. Upon viewing his last show at Gagosian Gallery, NYC (2011). I was prompted to title and dedicate to him a large series of drawings I was about to embark on, positioning me to twist the lines to compress a form akin to the totem. In the “Crush” series for John Chamberlain, I found the sculptures produced for John’s last show so elegantly monumental, that homage to his work felt so honorable, and this reflection injected a sculptural glamour into my drawings; it gave me a new step.” – Jan Frank

Jan Frank: Gangster of Love / CRUSHED
A series of drawings for John Chamberlain
25 June – 26 July 2014

Nahmad Contemporary
980 Madison Avenue
3rd FloorNew York, NY 10075   JNA_JanFrank_0625148290_web JNA_JanFrank_0625148297_webJNA_JanFrank_0625148275 installs_web



Tim Olsen & Jan Frank

 Tim Olsen & Jan Frank

It would appear our Jan Frank has New York covered this year with a myriad of exciting projects and support from the public and press. To be frank, we thought it our duty to update you with his latest news!!

Earlier in the year, Frank curated a show called ZERO +

Frank featured in the exhibition amongst the likes of Carolee Schneemann, Henk Peeters, James Hyde, Stephen Rosenthal and Xu Bing.

“Art when ‘art’ was art, New York when ‘New York’ was New York who could resist the powerful pull of such nostalgia, the irresistible lure of such an era? But though at first glance this exhibition seems like a celebration of the cerebral and visceral art world of 1970s Manhattan, it is actually, cunningly much, much more…many of these works are by artists based here Downtown in that crucial decade before neo-expressionism and new-figuration, before the money and the real estate, before the cynicism and the joke, before the entire circus took over. New York in the 1970s, the last time terms such as ‘honesty’, ‘sincerity’ and ‘integrity’ dared to be bandied without the slightest irony, the last time when making serious art was taken seriously without the word ‘money’ being mentioned. But more than an elegy for that lost era, this exhibition builds from ‘Zero’ and shifts through its long American inheritance to culminate in the moving image, the spoken word, as if a birth into language and movement from the sullen beauty of its blankness.”

– Adrian Dannatt

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Not only has Frank been involved in curating ZERO+, Adrian Dannatt, the onetime editor at large of ‘Open City’ returned to New York this year only to discover that much has changed. One thing that reads true is that Jan Frank is deemed as having one of the few remaining authentic artist spaces in New York, as Dannatt described it, ‘a place from which to step out and survey the ravages of gentrification on the surrounding block.’ Click to read more about Dannatt’s New York experience in:



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