Jo Bertini | Country Style

Jo Bertini‘s beautiful home and studio in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales has been featured in Country Style magazine. The article, written and styled by Karen Cotton and photographed by Simon Kenny, gives us a great insight into Bertini’s rural paradise.

“Wallaburra was 16 hectares on a creek with all of the original buildings from its days as a 1200-hectare sheepstation,” she says. “But the big drawcard was the shearing shed, which I could picture as my studio. Even though the house was derelict, and occupied by roos and wombats, it had so much potential I bought it immediately.” – Jo Bertini, Country Style

Bertini will present an exhibition of new work at Olsen Irwin in December 2014.

Jo Bertini
New works
10 December 2014 – January 2015

Olsen Irwin
63 Jersey Road
Woollahra NSW 2025

JoBertini_proof-2 JoBertini_proof-3


Tamara Dean | Chrysalis Magazine

ChrysalisMag1Tamara Dean discusses her artistic practice with Yie Sandison in the current issue of Chrysalis Magazine.

“I visualise my work almost like it’s a piece of music. It might start in a particular way and then it builds – it still remains the same piece of music but you add to it so it becomes a richer piece.” – Tamara Dean, Chrysalis Magazine

Read the entire interview online here.


Jan Frank | Art in America

Olsen Irwin artist, Jan Frank, discusses his most recent exhibition at Nahmad Contemporary with Art in America’s Raphael Rubenstein. The exhibition features Frank’s works on paper in response to John Chamberlain’s sculpture practice. Both Frank’s works on paper and a single Chamberlain sculpture are exhibited together to form a thought provoking exhibition.

“A show currently on view at New York gallery Nahmad Contemporary (through July 26) demonstrates that Chamberlain’s painted-metal sculptures can also connect with the medium of drawing, especially when the drawings have been made with Chamberlain’s work in mind. In the exhibition a single classic Chamberlain sculpture titled Gangster of Love (1985) is surrounded by “Crushed,” a series of 32 abstract, mostly linear, black-ink drawings made in 2011 by Amsterdam-born, New York-based artist Jan Frank.” – Raphael Rubenstein, Art in America

Read the interview in full here on the Art in America website.



Cressida Campbell | ARTAND Australia

The late Martin Sharp (1942 – 2013) chose the 2002 work of Cressida Campbell, Nasturtiums, for his Artist’s Choice text featured in the current issue of ARTAND Australia.

Writing in October 2013, Sharp states, “A successful artwork contains its energy, it does not loose its strength, but keeps on giving. Such excellence can only be achieved through a diligence that would daunt most.” – Martin Sharp, ARTAND Australia

Sharp also explains Campbell’s painstaking technique used to create her unique woodblock prints. “Cressida’s unusual creation of unique prints where she carves a plywood block. Paints is with water-soluble paints, moisturises the painted block and takes a single impression. Creating the print.” – Martin Sharp, ARTAND Australia

Cressida Campbell, Nasturtiums, 2002, Unique colour woodblock, 58.4 x 60.0 cm


Marisa Purcell | Inside Out Magazine

Below are some of the stunning images from Marisa Purcell‘s Bondi home in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine. The vibrant and colourful family home also houses a studio for Purcell as well as a studio for husband, Max Lyandvert, a composer and theatre director.

On the choice of colours in her artwork, Purcell says, “Colour is an instinctual thing for me. When I’m working on a painting, I tend to imagine the tones on the canvas and I see how they might sit before I do it. Other times I just go with the first colour that jumps into my head. It’s a mixture of considered thought and instinct.” – Marisa Purcell, Inside Out

Read the article and view more images of their beautiful home in the April issue of Inside Out – out now.

Purcell House_Colour Me Happy-1 Purcell House_Colour Me Happy-3 Purcell House_Colour Me Happy-4 Purcell House_Colour Me Happy-6 Purcell House_Colour Me Happy-7IOT0414_OFC1_MKG_4C.ps


Paul Davies | Real Living

Paul Davies’ work has been included in Real Living magazine’s ‘My Dream Room’ in the March 2014 issue – out now.

All of Davies’ available works  can be viewed here on our website.
Real Living MyDreamRoom Sarah


Jo Bertini | Real Living

Jo Bertini has been featured in home and lifestyle magazine Real Living as a favourite find. Olsen Irwin will host an exhibition of Bertini’s new works in October 2014. All available Jo Bertini works can be found here on the our website.


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Leila Jeffreys | Real Living

Leila Jeffreys’ work ‘Matilda‘ shines in the home of Merrick and Georgie Watts in the October issue of Real Living magazine. Jeffreys’ photographs beautifully capture the personalities of each subject – from budgerigars to cockatoos and tawny frogmouths. Injecting charm and individuality into a space, living with a Jeffrey’s work is like gaining a new member of the family.

View available limited editions of ‘Matilda‘ and other Leila Jeffreys’ works here on our website.

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