Noah Taylor | The Age

Philippa Hawker of The Age talks with Olsen Irwin artist Noah Taylor about his acting career and creative releases.

“An old friend, Claudia Karvan, brought his work to the attention of Olsen Irwin: at a recent Sydney opening, she talked about Taylor as a compulsively expressive person, ‘the most original, honest, subversive mind I’ve come across’. ” – Philippa Hawker, The Age

“He works in oils and ink on paper and talks of religious art and comic books as his primary influences. Right now, Taylor says, ‘I’m more serious about the painting, and I would like to take it further’. This means working more and showing more. ‘You learn way more from that than just keeping it at home: there’s something that forces you to look at it with a more critical eye when you take it to the public.'” – Philippa Hawker, The Age

Read the story here on The Age website. Watch Claudia Karvan open Noah Taylor’s recent exhibition at Olsen Irwin Works on Paper, Small Paintings and Sculpture below.