Noah Taylor | ABC Radio National's, Weekend Art 'The Masterpiece' Segment

This Saturday, an interview with Noah Taylor will be played on Radio National’s Weekend Art segment called ‘The Masterpiece,’ where each week an artist is invited to talk about an artwork that has been influential for them.

Noah has decided to talk about the 1968, Velvet underground album White Light/White Heat and it’s significance to him.

Sydney listeners can tune in on the frequency 576 AM

Noah Taylor on Radio National’s, Weekend Art ‘The Masterpiece’ segment
Saturday 20 September, 3:45pm


Ann Thomson | ABC Radio National | The Masterpiece

Olsen Irwin artist Ann Thomson drops in this Saturday 12 April to ABC Radio National to talk about the of great Australian Indigenous painter, Yirawala. The Radio National programme hosted by Melanie Tait, allows a prominent Australian artist to discuss another artist’s work that has had a profound influence on them. Previous artists on the programme include Australian great John Olsen, singer songwriters Kate Miller-Heidke and actor Geoff Morrell. Listen to the segment with Ann Thomson this Saturday 12 April at 3:45pm.

The Masterpiece
Featuring Ann Thomson
ABC Radio National
3:45pm, Saturday 12 April 2014


Artist Ann Thomson in her Waverly studio