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Seeking inspiration creates a net effect

The Daily Telegraph
Elizabeth Fortescue and the Daily Telegraph
Sept 30 2009

JUST before he won the Archibald Prize earlier this year, Sydney artist Guy Maestri felt impatient and dissatisfied with his work.

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Open Gallery

The Spectrum, The Sydney Morning Herald
Lissa Christopher
26-27 September 2009

David Larwill, New Paintings

In the 1980's, David Larwill was a member of Roar, a group of young, anti-establishmentarian artists who ran their own exhibitions and occupied themselves with a provocative, new-fangled style of painting known as figurative expressionism. 

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Open Gallery

The Sydney Morning Herald
Lissa Christopher
9 May 2009

Davies is popular with buyers and his latest exhibition of unpeopled architectural paintings - some of which feature fine, hand-cut stencil work and each of which has its own note of mystery - has sold out.

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Guy Maestri

Art & Australia
Margaret Farmer
Vol.46 No.3

Revelling in paint's materiality, Guy Maestri creates abstract gestures of colour and line supplement by a figurative lexicon expressive of environmental concerns.

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Where to buy...

The Week - The best of the Australian and International Media
27 February 2009

Martine Emdur takes photos of women's bodies submerged in the ocean off Sydney. Back in the studio, she uses the images as a point of departure for her large-scale underwater nudes.


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Box Office - Andrew Taylor: Outside

The (Sydney) Magazine
Annemarie Lopez
27 November 2008

Drift into the artists dreamy "florascapes" in this exhibition of subtly elusive paintings and prints.

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James McGrath

The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
Saturday 11 October 2008

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Hunter's gathering value

Sunday Telegraph
Jo Liston
18 May 2008, p36.

You may not have heard of him, but Philip Hunter has become one of the most sought-after artists in the country almost overnight.

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A Man of the Landscape

The Sun Herald
William Petley
11 May 2008

A Man of the Landscape - Philip Hunter's 'Lines In The Dirt' exhibition will be opened by John Olsen at the Tim Olsen Gallery on Tuesday. (Olsen has commented that the present work reveals Hunter has climbed the ladder to become one of Australia's leading artists.)

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Uber male gets the chop

The Australian
Rosemary Sorensen
10 March 2008

There is a new take on an age-old symbol of potent male aggression, writes Rosemary Sorensen.

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His steer-way to heaven

The Sydney Morning Herald
8 March 2008

Inspired by the bulls of Mudgee and Lennox Head, and by the writing of Ernest (Death in the Afternoon) Hemingway, the artist Angus McDonald is fascinated by bulls. His new collection of wistful and sturdy bulls will surround the directors, management and sponsors of the Sydney Easter Show as they lunch next Thursday at Tim Olsen's Woollahra art gallery, two days after the opening there of McDonald's exhibition, 'Snort!!'.

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Dirk Westphal - Photographs

The Sydney Magazine
Box Office
February 2008

Some like to go fishing, some like to have an aquarium and others, like New York based artist Dirk Westphal, turn their love of fish into an art form.

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All In a Relaxing Week's Work

The Sydney Morning Herald
Louise Schwartzkoff
Wednesday January 2, 2008

Eclectic paintings jostle for position with celebrity nudes in David Bromley's latest exhibition, reports Louise Schwartzkoff.



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Marie Hagerty: The Real Thing

Australian Art Collector, Issue 43
Sasha Grishin
January - March 2008

Marie Hagerty over the past few years has established and refined her pictorial language to arrive at a form which is peculiarly her own. She is a young artist in her early 40s whose most recent work is certainly her best.

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David Bromley

The Sydney Morning Herald
Sunday December 9, 2007

Bare Nakes Babes, For Art's Sake - Megan Gale nude. Cheyenne Tozzi topless. Kristy Hinze starkers. Now I have your attention, let me tell you all these women posed for artist David Bromley and the paintings are on display at the Tim Olsen Gallery in Woollahra. And more surprising, he convinced non-model types to disrobe. You can see paintings of designer Collette Dinnigan and singer Kate Ceberano. Bromley has a job most Aussies blokes would happily kill for. 'I'm afraid when a beautiful, famous woman is naked in the room, I'm more intent on capturing the image rather than thinking about breasts,' he confessed shyly.

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Salute to a 'blue bitch goddess'

The Sydney Morning Herald
John McDonald
December 1-2, 2007

The fireworks arrive early as John Olsen celebrates his birthday with a swashbuckling assault on Sydney.

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Open Gallery-The Sydney Morning Herald
Karen Pakula
November 10-11, 2007

Queensland meat lover Stefan Dunlop uses his wide brush and graphic sensibility to explore beauty in a carcass, roasted as well as raw.

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Open Gallery

Sydney Morning Herald
Kerry Coleman
Sept 22-23 2007

Robert Malherbe's works are best viewed from afar, where the scoops and swirls of paint become striking nudes.

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Pathways to Other Worlds

Extract - The Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum, Visual Arts
John McDonald
1st September 2007

Marie Hagerty and Vera Moller

The intensity that Tomescu cultivates is neither an option nor an ambition for many other painters. The two artists showing at the Tim Olsen Gallery take a much cooler approach. Marie Hagerty is a painter of elegant abstract canvases that embrace qualities of design Tomescu rejects out-of-hand.

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Open Gallery

Sydney Morning Gallery
Clara Iaccarino
24 - 25 March 2007

Paul Davies' name often comes up in lists of hot artists and ones to watch.

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