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Laura Jones in conversation with Anne Ryan, AGNSW

November 2018

Laura Jones in conversation with Anne Ryan, Curator from the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Speaking at her exhibition of Works on Paper at OLSEN Gallery Annexe, November 2018 Part 1 of 2.

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Nganampa Ngura Kurunjara opening

31 October 2018

NGANAMPA NGURA KURUNJARA - THE PLACE OF OUR SPIRIT exhibition opening video featuring indigenous dance routine. Exhibited from 31 October 2018 - 18 November 2018. Featuring George Tjangili, Wawiriya Burton, Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin, Ngupulya Pumani, Manyitjanu Lennon, George Witjiti, Ken Sister's Collaborative, Mitakiki Woman's Collaborative, The Watarru Collaborative, Alec Baker, Maringka Baker, Pepai Jangala Carroll, Matjangka Norris, Betty Muffelr, Imitjala Curley, Betty Kuntiwa Pumani, Mick Wikilyiri, Barbara Moore, Yaritji Young, Taylor Cooper and Michelle Lewis.

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Noah Taylor - Fascination - installation video

26 October 2018

Video footage of the OLSEN Annexe Noah Taylor exhibition, from 26 October to 15 November 2018. Features Noah working on the artworks, exhibition installation. OLSEN Annexe, 74 Queen Street Woollahra NSW 2025.

Noah Taylor (born London, 1969) has worked in a variety of mediums, including performance in film and music as well as visual arts, since the early 1980s. Politically and artistically he is aligned with both the stuckist and neo-situationist movement, if in sentiment only. Taylor currently divides his time between Brighton, England and New Orleans, USA.

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Leila Jeffreys 'Ornithurae'

October 2018

Video art 'Ornithurae' by Leila Jeffreys, accompanying her 2017 exhibition 'Ornithurae Volume 1' shown at Olsen Gruin Gallery, NYC. The work is a limited edition of 6 only, to purchase please contact Olsen Gallery on +61 2 9327 3922.

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The Men We Have Become Episode 2 - Tim Olsen

The King's School
September 2018

In this second episode of our new series, we explore the life of Tim Olsen and discover that its possible to look at our School through a different prism and that our values might be made not for our boys to conform to, but to have as touchstones in their journey through life.

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Olsen Gruin NY Dale Frank walk through 2018

Walk through of the Dale Frank exhibition at OLSEN GRUIN NY, September 2018.
Footage by Adam Weinberg , DOP

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Butt Naked Salon

November 2017

At the end of November of 2017 Alan Jones performed an evocation of a bohemian art salon that merges music, live drawing and painting. He painted the walls of Yellow House while the Sydney Art Quartet performed Schubert, Sculthorpe & Finzi with Musings from Tim Olsen.

Liquitex Australia has released a clip on their youtube summarising the event.

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The Fitzpartick-Leland House

Paul Davies talks about The Fitzpatrick-Leland House.
Mak Centre for Art and Architecture 2017.

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Mark Reddie ABC News Breakfast "Robert Klippel exhibition"

Mark Reddie interviewing Tim Olsen on ABC News Breakfast about the upcoming Robert Klippel exhibition at Sydney Contemporary 2017.

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AUSTRALIAN STORY: Adrenaline Brush: Sophie Cape


Described as more like a “rock star” than a painter, Sophie Cape never wanted to be an artist.

A former elite athlete, she was destined for the Olympic Games in two separate sports — first as a downhill ski racer and then as a track cyclist — but her sporting career was shattered after suffering catastrophic injury and undergoing controversial “experimental” body-modification surgery intended to ease her pain and help her performance.

Left physically and psychologically traumatised, Sophie Cape then transformed herself into one of Australia’s most celebrated young artists. It’s a profession she has long resisted, as both her mother Ann Cape and her grandmother the late Gwenna Welch are highly regarded artists. But now Sophie Cape has no doubt about becoming the third generation artist in her family: “Art saved me.”

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Laura Jones in Conversation

Talking art education with Laura Jones, Steven Alderton and Andrew Frost. James Valentine interviews them on his ABC TV series The Mix.  

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TV Moore - Double Take: Anne Landa Award 2009


TV Moore - Double Take: Anne Landa Award 2009

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Interview: Paul Davies (Hong Kong Tatler, 2013)

The Australian artist shares his story behind the graphic nature of his architectural masterpiece.

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John Olsen: the you beaut country

Art Gallery of NSW
March 20, 2017

The most comprehensive display ever mounted on one of Australia's greatest living artists This exhibition surveys John Olsen's remarkable seven-decade career, including paintings, ceramics, tapestries and works on paper from collections across Australia. It features some of his most iconic and arresting works, including large-scale paintings of Sydney Harbour and Lake Eyre and his career-defining landscape series The you beaut country. Olsen is renowned for his energetic painting style and his lyrical depictions of the Australian landscape and its life-forms. The exhibition traces the development of his spectacular and idiosyncratic vision, highlighting his lifelong interest in the natural world and his continued pursuit to capture the Australian identity. A National Gallery of Victoria exhibition in association with the Art Gallery of NSW.

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A great Australian artist John Olsen

John Olsen, is a lover of many things: people, food, literature, and the natural world. Above all, Olsen is a lover of art and life. Listen in as Olsen tells stories of his life, work and an enduring passion for capturing the spirit of the Australian landscape.

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The You Beaut Country, National Gallery of Victoria

John Olsen: The You Beaut Country offers an unparalleled opportunity to examine Olsen?s consummate place in Australian art history. His You beaut country series, which followed his return to Australia in 1960 after three years travelling in Europe, began what would be a lifelong interest in representing the landscape and Australian identity. These works are presented alongside his more recent paintings, prints and watercolours, including those inspired by the filling of Lake Eyre. The exhibition reveals an artist who at 88 years of age has lost none of his passion for his subject matter, nor his creative vitality and retains a unique ability to capture the spirit of the Australian landscape.

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Explore John Olsen's 'You Beaut Country' at the NGV

Daily Review
October 2016

John Olsen is one of Australia's greatest living artists. Daily Review was fortunate to chat with exhibition curator David Hurlston and see Olsen's distinctive works which are on display at The National Gallery of Victoria Ian Potter Centre through until February 2017.

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Tim Olsen discuss the Art Market on the Switzer Report

For a look at how the art market is performing, Tim Olsen from Olsen Irwin Gallery joins Switzer TV

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The Style of Mrs V

What is the 'Art of Living?' Tim Olsen sits down with Scarlett Zola Vespa, host of The Style of Mrs V, along with Nancy Pilcher and Mickey Robertson to discuss their outlook on how they balance the art of living.

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Guy Warren

At the age of 94, artist Guy Warren still paints and draws several days a week. Interviewed in his Leichhardt studio, the Archibald winning painter reflects on a 75 year career.

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LATELINE: John Olsen returns to his hometown, Newcastle

Now at the age of 88, John Olsen has gone home. Arguably Australia's most successful living artist, he is back in the city of Newcastle where he grew up during the Depression. To honour the memories of his early life, he is about to embark on one of his most significant works. It is set to rival his acclaimed 'Salute To Five Bells' mural at the Sydney Opera House.

Philippa McDonald joined John Olsen on his nostalgic return to the Hunter.

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