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Artist John Olsen’s most personal exhibition to date

The Australian
Ellie Dudley
28 october 2021

Interview with Ellie Dudley, October 2021

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PODCAST: George Byrne

Spotify: Interview with an artist
21 October 2021

Australian born, LA based artist George Byrne is a man of many talents. You most likely know his work via his Instagram feed @george_byrne or his stunning book Post Truth. It took George a few years to get into his groove but now that he's there, his art is going from strength to strength.

In today's episode we talk about how he left photography but eventually found his way back, how LA became his muse, the attention to detail that went into creating his book and what some of the misconceptions might be about his art. George and I spoke in early October when he was in hotel quarantine in Sydney. He’s back in the country for his solo exhibition Innervisions opening on the 27th of October at Olsen gallery.

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George Byrne Innervisions

Artist Charlie Sheard returns to Olsen Gallery Stable

Art Collector
Charlotte Middleton
July 2021

Art Buying For Every Budget

Sydney Morning Herald

Related exhibition
John Young This is a Shelter

Zoe Young's Rustic Bowral Cottage is an Artist's Paradise

4 December 2020

Welcome to The Makers. Each week, we're celebrating innovators, artisans and crafters of all types, taking you on a private tour on their creative spaces.
For this installment, we head to Bowral in New South Wales, where artist Zoe Young has transformed a cottage into a creative hub for herself and her family. 

Chris Langlois | Littoral Zone

Artist Profile
Emma-Kate Wilson
November 2020

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Chris Langlois Littoral Zone

Paul Davies | Paradise with a Twist

Australian Financial Review
Stephen Todd

Paradise with a twist; 'Failed painter' Paul Davies creates artworks of uncanny architectural allure

Beyond the sexy blockbuster lies the truth

The Australian
Christopher Allen

Contemporary art needs more work like this: eloquent but not reducible to convenient and approved formulas.

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Nicholas Harding Landscape and Birds

Art at work: Melinda Harper

Castlemaine Art Museum
June 2020

From exuberant and optical through to pensive and moody, Castlemaine based artist Melinda Harper’s abstraction is endlessly absorbing and uplifting. Inspired by her lived experience of the visual world, Harper’s small precise paintings, watercolours and embroideries are equally influenced by early 20th-century abstraction and mid-century modernists. We are delighted to say CAM is currently working with Melinda towards an exhibition at CAM in the not too distant future. Harper shares with us something of her working life in this email interview.

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Maroon 5’s Jesse Carmichael Keeps it Short and Sweet with Two-Minute Movies

July 2020

Participants can do as they like, but it can’t run longer than two minutes; that’s the idea behind 2 Minute Movies (2mm), a collective of filmmakers and artists founded in early 2019 by Maroon 5’s Jesse Carmichael. “The biggest takeaway from this period of isolation is just how important it is to have friends and family around to make things in life with; memories and art,” he tells “Southland Sessions.” Despite starting before the pandemic, the collective’s more recent videos reflect intimate portraits of the current moment.

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Art Talks: Paul Davies and Kate Bryan

Soho House
July, 2020

Join Head of Collections, Kate Bryan, as she talks to LA-based Australian artist, Paul Davies, about the painting he created for Soho Warehouse, now the largest work in the Soho House global collection.

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Home comforts Artists find solace in the everyday

Look Magazine
July 2017

For this issue, Look asked three regional New South Wales artists – John Bokor, Zoe Young and Kiata Mason – to create new works inspired by Henri Matisse’s concept of an art of ‘calme’ – art which translates an atmosphere of joy and peace. We asked the artists, known for their depictions of interiors, to explore the things which bring them comfort, solace and calm during our current times of uncertainty.

Together in art

Look Online
May 2020

When the world retreated indoors, the art world went online, with screens suddenly transformed from museum support act to main event. While restrictions have begun to ease, digital encounters remain a valuable point of contact and engagement. This guide to some of our favourite online connections ranges from the Gallery’s own Together In Art project to a virtual writers’ festival. We’ve also asked artists how they’d like to see things change when we come out the other side. ‘My hope is that technology will continue to break down barriers between audiences and the art world,’ artist Kim Leutwyler says. We couldn’t agree more.


The former Sulman and Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship finalist brings his loony toons mashups of the sacrosanct and slapstick to Olsen Gallery, 22 July–15 August.

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Philjames One Fine Day

You Me & Covid-19: Michelle Cawthorn and Peter Sharp

Art Collector
May 2019

The You, Me & COVID-19 series sees the region’s artists interviewed by the partners they’re sharing #iso with. Watch artists and partners Michelle Cawthorn and Peter Sharp in conversation from their home in the Sutherland Shire.

2 Minute Movies Bridges Music and Filmmaking

Art & Object
Jordan Riefe
June, 2020

A new collaboration between Maroon 5’s Jesse Carmichael and artist Paul Davies connects visual art, music, and filmmaking.

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Re-imaginings: Nostalgia and cultural memory in the paintings of Dani McKenzie and McLean Edwards
Andrew McIlroy
April 28, 2020

The packed dance floor each Thursday evening at the Rainbow Hotel in the hip inner-Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy was wedged between the corner of the bar and the heavy crimson drape masking the dimly lit entrance to the beer garden, the room thick with cigarette smoke, for the most part.

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Dani McKenzie Recognising Strangers


March 2020

Arcadia by Laura Jones opens at Glasshouse, Port Macquarie 6 March 2020 at 6pm. The exhibition will run from 7 March – 19 April 2020.

Jacqui Stockdale

Artist Profile
Nur Shkembi
February 2020

Melbourne-based artist Jacqui Stockdale works across photography, drawing, painting, collage and performance to explore the disparate and overlooked histories of Australia. Through archetypal characters, symbolism and carefully researched theatrical settings, costumes, and props including live animals, Stockdale focuses her lens on the female narratives of the past in the hope of shedding some light on the fraught issues of Australia as a nation in the present.

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Jacqui Stockdale Ghost Hoovanah