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Leila Jeffreys | Feature Shoot


Leila Jeffreys' photographs have been covered on Feature Shoot, a blog that showcases the work of international emerging and established innovative photographers. The article identifies the artist's childhood as a significant influence on her practice today, Leila having grown up in Papua New Guinea, India and Australia, and always surrounded by wildlife. To read the article click here. You can still view Leila's latest exhibition Prey, on display at Olsen Irwin until the 28th of September.


Nicholas Harding | Art Collector

July 2014

Nicholas Harding has been featured in Art Collector's Under 5K, an annual presentation of works by established artists that are available for less than $5,000. Included in the mix are Nicholas Harding's watercolour works completed during a residency in Paris and etchings produced for his recent exhibition at Olsen Irwin Drawing Godot. Olsen Irwin director Rex Irwin talks of Hardings etchings of the Sydney Theatre Company's production of Waiting for Godot as, 'Far more exciting than a photo, they capture the immediacy of the drama and sit comfortably in the pantheon of great artists such as Degas, Lautrec and Hockney who worked from life studying performers both on and off stage.'   


Nicholas Harding | Arcadia, Sound Of The Sea Exhibition

September 2014

A number of works by Nicholas Harding make up part of Arcadia, Sound Of The Sea, a new exhibition centered around the astonishing beauty and formidable power of the sea. Harding's ink drawings combine with photography and old film footage to paint a romantic picture of the young, free-spirited people who were a part of Australian surf culture in the 70's and their interaction with the nature around them. Arcadia, Sound Of The Sea: National Portrait Gallery 14 August - 19 October 2014 Geelong Gallery 29 November 2014 - 22 February 2015 Tweed River Art Gallery 2 October - 15 November 2015
Image:Nicholas Harding, 'Diggers Scrub (Figures, Board and Bottle)', 2014, ink on paper, 164 x 153cm


What Now? Paul Davies

Australia Art Collector
Kate Britton

You’ve recently made the move to Los Angeles. How is it treating you?
I moved to West Hollywood in February this year with my wife Sarah and am represented by the Heather James Fine Art Gallery. The Gallery deals with new and secondary work from Andy Warhol, Picasso, Yves Klein and Damien Hirst. It has spaces in Palm Desert and Jackson Hole here in the States and I have a solo exhibition at the Palm Desert gallery in January 2015.

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Stephen Bird, Camie Lyons and Peter Vandermark | Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize Finalists

October 2014

Three artists from the Olsen Irwin stables have been selected as finalists in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize for 2014. Peter Vandermark, Camie Lyons and Stephen Bird will each have a work exhibited at the Woollahra Council Chambers In Double Bay over a period of sixteen days.
Established in 2001, the prize bestows an acquisitive award of $15,000 to first place for creating an original, freestanding sculpture of up to 80cm in any dimension. "The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize has distinguished itself as one of the more critically significant awards for a local artist to win.
Previous recipients include some of Australia's best contemporary artists such as Mikala Dwyer, Adam Cullen, Alexander Seton and Archie Moore." - The Art Life The prize receives over 500 submissions each year from Australian and International artists. Of those entries, approximately 40 are chosen as finalists. Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 18 October - 2 November 2014 Woollahra Municipal Council 536 New South Head Road Double Bay, New South Wales 2028  


Kathryn Ryan | No White Walls Exhibition, Abu Dhabi

September 2014

The delicate works of Kathryn Ryan will form part of an annual exhibition, opening this month in Abu Dhabi . 'No White Walls' is an artist-led initiative, made up of contemporary artists based in the United Arab Emirates. Their exhibition this year is part of a wider program to develop visual arts and culture throughout the Emirates. Better known for her breathtaking landscapes, Kathryn has focused more on the intricacies of her surroundings to inform the works in this exhibition.

"My artwork is inspired by the quality of light, mood and atmosphere in the landscapes and environment around me. The focus of my practice has shifted from vast views of the Australian landscape to the intimate details of nature, light & shadow, & Arabic Lanterns within my local environment in the UAE." - Kathryn Ryan

'No White Walls' opens on the 25th of September 2014 at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, and will run until the 1st of January 2015

For a preview of the show, including the works that Kathryn will contribute, click here

To visit the 'No White Walls' website, click here

Featured image: Kathryn Ryan, Cypress Cluster, 2012, charcoal on paper, 52 x 72cm

Built in translation

Colin Martin
September 2014

Suburban domestic architecture fascinates Australian artists. Jenny Watson documented street views of five Melbourne houses in which she had lived, titling them by suburb, for example 'Mont Albert' (1975 - 77). Howard Arkley titled his depictions of suburban houseing ironically, including 'A Splendid Superior Home' (1989). In his first solo exhibition in London, held at the Fine Art Society Contemporary gallery, Paul Davies ups the architectural ante, depicting exteriors of archetypal modernist houses.

Artistic vision

Country style
Karen Cotton
August 2014

When painter Jo Bertini went looking for a country property, it was the shearing shed rather than the house that caught her eye.

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Big Canvas

The Economic Times
Moinak Mitra
27 June 2014

Art District XIII, in Delhi's Lado Sarai, may jostle for space with other galleries, but is different in its attitude. While number '13' challenges the conventional unlucky paradigm, the front road leads into canvases adorning the walls.

"Art must be accessible to you," says Kapil Chopra, president of the Oberoi Group and mentor, Art District XIII.

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Brushes with death

Sydney Morning Herald- Spectrum
Rick Feneley
31 May 2014

Downhill skier, sprint cyclist, near-death veteran, serial hospitalcase. Rick Feneley follows Sophie cape's blood-curdling ride from extreme athlete to extreme artist.

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Stephen Bird

ARTAND Australia
May 2014

Stephen Bird has been included in ARTAND Australia's So hot right now? Contemporary ceramics and contemporary art.

The article, by Glenn Barkley, discusses the resurgence of ceramics in contemporary art and it's place in the contemporary art world. Barkley describes Bird's career progression, from formal training as a painter, to his move into ceramics in the 1990's. "... his work combining polished technical skill with wit and an element of the grotesque." - Glenn Barkley, ARTAND Australia

Pick up a copy of ARTAND Australia to read the article.



Limbo Architecture - Painters of Modernism

Architectural Review
Aaron Betsky
May 2014

Interpreted by painters in many different ways, Modernism continues to be a compelling subject matter and muse that encourages artists to go beyond notions of simple representation and instead seek to evoke something more profound.

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Home is Where the Art Is

The Hindu
Shailaja Tripathi
May 1, 2014

Australian artist Paul Davies' mysteriously vacant homes encourage the viewer to build their own.

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Art meets Architecture: Artist Paul Davies Is Built in Translation

The Huffington Post
Kate Lawson

Australian artist Paul Davies first caught my eye earlier this year, with his atmospheric series of paintings which seductively draw you into a utopia that precariously balances between an unforgiving natural space and a built urban environment.

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Arts Abound

Sunday Style

Thanks to its creative owners, a depression- era apartment flourishes as a quasi gallery.

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Robert Malherbe

Artist Profile
ISSUE 26, 2014

ROBERT MALHERBE IS known for his lush style of painting.

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In my wardrobe: Paul Davies

The Sun Herald
Georgina Safe
26 January 2014

Artist Paul Davies has a fascination with houses and architecture which he explores using stencils and painting. He's dressed down and paint-splattered when working in his Surry Hills studio, but come an exhibition opening, Davies is always one of the best dressed artists. Currently based in Sydney, where he is represented by Olsen Irwin gallery, Davies is moving to Los Angeles next month, where his signature casual and understated style will fit right in.

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Leila Jeffreys | Prey


"Prey is a celebration of what makes Australia special and is a reminder that one of our biggest assets soars in the skies above us." - Leila Jeffreys, 2014

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Leila Jeffreys

Real Living
September 2013

Leila Jeffreys' work 'Matilda' shines in the home of Merrick and Georgie Watts in the October issue of Real Living magazine. Jeffreys' photographs beautifully capture the personalities of each subject - from budgerigars to cockatoos and tawny frogmouths. Injecting charm and individuality into a space, living with a Jeffrey's work is like gaining a new member of the family. View available limited editions of 'Matilda' and other Leila Jeffreys' works here on our website.