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Author Leila Jeffreys
Publisher Hachette Australia
(ISBN 9780733631061)
Published in 2015

Price A$ 50
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Birdland was shortlisted in the Fully Illustrated Book category
of the 2016 Australian Book Designers Association Awards

Fossil and genetic evidence tell us that birds and humans have not shared a common ancestor for more than 300 million years. In Birdland, Leila Jeffreys' intimate bird portraits close that gap by showing us that birds have minds not entirely unlike ours. We need artists who can remind us that nature is powerful and important and that it deserves our attention and affection.
Tim Low, author of Where Song Began

In Birdland, Australian fine-art photographer Leila Jeffreys presents us with a bird-watching experience like no other, drawing birds out from their leafy shadows and airy territories and presenting them to us with the skill and intricate detail of a portrait painter. The result is a stunning encounter with some of the world's most beautiful birds.

Captured in a moment of stillness, Jeffreys' feathered sitters reveal qualities and features that invite human projection.

Sydney-based Jeffreys works with animal rescue and conservation groups to create her portraits. Her love and compassion for her subjects is evident throughout, and every bird has a story, which Jeffreys shares in a profile of nearly every species in the back of the book.

Birdland invites us to rediscover birds, to gaze unhindered, and to marvel at their many-splendored glory.

The Australian / New Zealand edition features her exhibited Budgerigar series, Cockatoo series and Birds of Prey series with additional portraits including Sirocco, New Zealand's kakapo conversation superstar.

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