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Son of the Brush
A memoir

Tim Olsen (ISBN 9781743318058)
Price A$ 35     

Allen & Unwin Australia

Tim Olsen is the son of arguably Australia's greatest living artist, Dr John Olsen. Son of the Brush is his fascinating, candid memoir of what it was like to grow up in the shadow of artistic genius, with all its wonder, excitement and bitter disappointments.

Tim's childhood was dominated by his father's work, which took the family to Europe and to communities around Australia as John sought inspiration and artistic fellowship. Wine, food, conversation and the emerging sexual freedom of the 1960s wove a pattern of life for the family. It was both the best and worst of childhoods, filled with vibrancy and stimulation, yet fraught with anxiety and eventual sadness as John separated from Tim's mother Valerie and moved away from the family.

The course of Tim's life has been set by the experiences of his childhood, and by the passion for art he inherited from both his parents (his mother was an acclaimed painter in her own right). Art has always been at the very centre of Tim's world, although he has followed a different path from his parents. Having overcome and recovered from addiction, Tim is today one of Australia's most respected art dealers, with a knowledge of art and artists forged from what is literally a lifetime immersed in the art world.

Son of the Brush is a memoir about a son and his father, and what it takes to forge your own identity and chart your own course in life, but it is also about the wider world of art, artists and the joy, inspiration and sacrifices of the creative life.


Gary Heery
Price A$ 150     

Limited edition of 500. Signed by the artist.
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Laura Jones (ISBN 978-0-646-97132-2)
Price A$ 40     

Stephen Ormandy | Only Dancing

Price A$ 55     

Only Dancing is the first publication dedicated to surveying Ormandy’s vibrant, large-scale oil painting and the playfulness he brings to everything he does.

Macau Days

Brian Castro & John Young (ISBN 978-0-9953925-2-6)
Price A$ 45     

John Olsen
A Recipe for Art

(ISBN 9780500500859)
Price A$ 0       

In the past year I have learned to cook, to make a fire, prepare a canvas ...
- John Olsen, December 1958

Featuring some 40 recipes by or loved by Olsen, 30 related paintings, over 50 sketches and drawings, and over 65 photographs of places, family and friends.

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(120416 - 150608)

Bartolomeo Celestino CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
(ISBN 978-0-9943883-3-9)
Price A$ 55       

Bartolomeo Celestino has been returning to a particular section of Sydney's coastal fringe - atop an otherwise unremarkable set of cliffs in the eastern suburb of Bronte - day after day, year after year, to undertake the protracted task of setting up his large-format camera and training his lens downward to the fierce waters below.
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John Olsen: The You Beaut Country
Catalogue - National Gallery of Victoria

Edited by David Hurlston and Deborah Edwards (ISBN 9781925432169)
Price A$ 40     

John Olsen: The You Beaut Country offers an unparalleled exploration of Olsen’s consummate place in Australian art history. His You Beaut Country series, which followed his return to Australia in 1960 after three years travelling in Europe, began what would be a lifelong interest in representing the landscape and Australian identity.

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The Art of Dinosaur Designs

Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy (ISBN 9781921383960)
Price A$ 80     

Colour Sensation
The Works of Melinda Harper

Heide Museum of Art (ISBN 9781921330421)
Price A$ 30     

My Salute to Five Bells

John Olsen (ISBN 9780642278821)
Price A$ 30     

This book is a deeply personal look at one of the most significant modern artworks in Australia. In this new publication written by the artist himself, John Olsen reflects on his Sydney Opera House mural and Kenneth Slessor’s poem, Five Bells, which inspired it.
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(ISBN 9780733631061)
Price A$ 0       

In Birdland, Australian fine-art photographer Leila Jeffreys presents us with a bird-watching experience like no other, drawing birds out from their leafy shadows and airy territories and presenting them to us with the skill and intricate detail of a portrait painter. The result is a stunning encounter with some of the world‚??s most beautiful birds.
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The King Sun
John Olsen - A portrait at 85

Price A$ 35     

In The King Sun, director Tony Williams and producer Anna Hewgill follow the progress of John Olsen’s mural from the arrival of the 8 blank panels to the transportation, delivery and installation of the giant painting in the Collins Square development in Melbourne.

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John Olsen
An Artists Life

Darleen Bungey
Price A$ 60     

This landmark biography by Darleen Bungey, the author of the celebrated biography of Arthur Boyd, graphically depicts the forces that drove John Olsen to become one of the country's greatest artists.
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Chris Langlois: Points In Time

Katherine Roberts and Simon Gregg (ISBN 978-0-9873896-1-9)
Price A$ 25     

The Cuisine of the Sun

John Olsen
Price A$ 30     

A Collection of John Olsen’s Favourite Dishes Recipes in Collaboration with Andy Harris
50 page full colour catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name, 3 - 21 March 2010. $30.00 including postage
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Paul Davies
Hanmer - Exhibition catalogue

Tim Olsen
Price A$ 15     

A 60 page full colour catalogue accompanying a exhibition by the same name, 24 March - 11 April 2010
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John Olsen
Journeys into the 'You Beaut Country'

Jenny Zimmer & Ken McGregor (ISBN 978-1-921394-05-8)
Price A$ 120     

At 80 John Olsen is widely acknowledged as the grand old man of current Australian art. Yet, writing as someone who has reviewed art over the years in 20 different countries, I cannot help regretting that John's art is still so little known outside this country. Not only does this deprive the artist of the kind of international recognition he deserves but it also deprives a potential world-wide audience of a truly rich and life-enhancing experience.
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Teeming with Life
John Olsen: His Complete Graphics 1957 - 2005

Ken McGregor in consultation with John Olsen and Jeffrey Makin NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
(ISBN 1 876832 93 2)
Price A$ 120       

To say that it is John Olsen's year is beyond dispute. He walked away comfortably with this year's Archibald Prize with barely a hint of the usual animosity and controversy, with most commentators agreeing that regardless of the old man's prestige, it was a winning work all the way. That was closely followed by a brilliantly curated survey exhibition at the Tarrawarra Museum of Modern Art, still on show and well worth the journey to Healesville.
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Michael Johnson

Barry Pearce
Price A$ 110     

This beautifully produced book gives us for the first time the opportunity to appreciate the full extent of the artist's achievement over four decades and enter more deeply the motivation and ideas behind his work and the style that remains a major force of contemporary Australian painting.
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Drawn From Life - John Olsen

(ISBN 1875989 17X)
Price A$ 60       

In 1957 a Sydney businessman who recognised the immense talent of the young John Olsen paid him to go to Majorca and paint. The businessman sold most of the paintings for a profit and Olsen was transformed by the influences of European art and the Mediterranean.
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John Olsen

Deborah Hart OUT OF PRINT
(ISBN 1 877004 25 1)
Price A$ 75       

John Olsen is recognised nationally and internationally as one of Australia's most significant and accomplished artsts. in this major publication on Olsen's art and life, Deborah Hart comprehensively surveys his development from his early work to the present, revealing this artist's extraordinary versatility and breath of creative vision.
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