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On Light and the Built Environment in Paul Davies' Belvedere Loop

Catalogue Essay
Benjamin Clay

In his forthcoming exhibition, Paul Davies will present a series of new paintings alongside a suite of unique photographic drawings. Entitled ‘Belvedere Loop’, the body of work announces the artist’s recent fixations and long-awaited return to Sydney. The major Olsen Gallery exhibition will run 15 September—02 October.

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Paul Davies Belvedere Loop

King-of-bright John Olsen reveals his dark and melancholy side

Sydney Morning Herald
John McDonald
19 June 2021

Review of John Olsen: Goya's Dog exhibition at the National Art School.

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John Olsen Goya's Dog

Olsen's Shining Moment

Australian Financial Review
Gabriella Coslovich
5–6 June 2021

Works not seen in public for decades will be on show at a major exhibition by the 93-year-old artist - Goya's Dog at the National Art School, Darlinghurst until 7 August 2021.


If you have (or have previously) an original John Olsen work, please contact Kylie Norton,


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John Olsen Goya's Dog

Louise Olsen Holds Her First Ever Solo Exhibition

The Design Files
March 4 2020

The co-founder of Dinosaur Designs lets the world in on another of her mind boggling artistic talents!

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Louise Olsen Pollination

??The Golden Days?? Paul Davies solo show at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

7 February - 22 March 2020


Paul Davies is an Australian-born, Los Angeles - based artist whose work is driven by friction between opposing forces of built and natural environments, design and art, abstraction and figuration. These boundaries and relationships are illustrated through Davies' process, which combines painting, stencilling, photography and sculpture. The Golden Days reflects on the connection between Los Angeles, California, and Hill End, NSW, through an exploration of landscape and notions of ‘gold rush’ in the context of historical and present day meaning.

Inside Olsen Gallery??s Summer Feast: a 2020 season preview

Victoria Pearson
14 February 2020


Refuge in beauty. In its light-filled home on Woollahra’s Jersey Road, Olsen Gallery (together with Communications Collective ) invited friends and artists to come together for a Summer Feast – a celebration of its 2020 program and group show featuring over 50 works from its artist stable.

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Collectivus A Summer Group Show

Recent Works: in conversation with John Olsen

Genevieve Brannigan
20 December 2019

John Olsen, Australia’s most revered living artist, unveiled a suite of new works this month at his son’s Olsen Gallery. A formidable presence in the art world for over six decades, Olsen shows little sign of slowing down. Simply titled Recent Works, his new exhibition includes sprawling landscapes, nuanced studies of animal life and intimate paintings based on the artist’s passion for food and cooking. Now 91, Olsen is a painter who has forever changed how Australians see their country and its landscapes. After immersing himself in the art scenes of Paris and Spain, Olsen returned to Australia in 1960 – creating the first of his hugely influential works, based on a unique vision of the outback and its endless flux.


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John Olsen Recent Works

John Olsen: Taking refuge in beauty
Angus McPherson
December 20, 2019

Tim Olsen tells us about his father's latest exhibition, and why the 91-year-old Australian artist won't be found on the golf course.
John Olsen in the studio. Photo © Ken Redpath

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John Olsen Recent Works

Exhibition of New Works by Australian Photographic Artist Leila Jeffreys Opens at Olsen Gruin

Art Daily
Jose Villareal
December 19, 2019

Revisiting the world of the Budgerigar ?? the subject of her first solo exhibition some nine years ago ?? Leila Jeffreys?? High Society includes her signature large format portraits and sees her exploring new territory. 

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Leila Jeffreys High Society

Life Cycle

Australian Financial Review Weekend
Michael Bailey
30th November 2019

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John Olsen Recent Works

Anna-Wili Highfield on her artist practice, social media and her new exhibition Companions

Jen Nurick
12 November 2019

Ahead of her exhibition, artist Anna-Wili Highfield chats to Vogue. 

Sydney-born artist Anna-Wili Highfield, who most recently showed her work at the Olsen Gruin Gallery in New York City, is gearing up for her first solo exhibition in an Australian commercial gallery.

The sculptor, who deploys materials like paper and wax to create animal and nature-inspired pieces, will present her exhibition Companions at the Olsen Gallery in Sydney’s Woollahra on Thursday, November 14.

Ahead of the exhibition, Vogue chatted to the artist whose commissions have transcended the art world (Highfield counts luxury fashion and jewellery houses Hermès and Tiffany & Co. as just some of her clients) about her inspirations, her interests in natural phenomena and what she’s working on next.


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Anna-Wili Highfield Companions

Artist Julian Meagher On Creating Through The Parenting Fog

The Design Files
Ashe Davenport
September 2019

Julian Meagher, Beejal Patel and Lucian (2) will celebrate the arrival of baby number in just two months time, after the launch of his exhibition The Space Into Bicheno with Olsen Gallery at Sydney Contemporary this week!

Creativity was pulsing through their home in Sydney’s Surry Hills, when we recently chatted to Julian about creating through the parenting fog.

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Julian Meagher The Space into Bicheno II

Ghosts of the past: The art of Julian Meagher, Sophie Cape, Chris Langlois and Alan Jones

Andrew McIlroy
Andrew McIlroy
2 October 2019

The Eveleigh Railway Workshops once an imposing symbol of modernity speaks to another time.  The vast old wrought iron roof sheltered and brought together hundreds of workers – hardened men from Sydney’s gritty inner suburbs, newly arrived migrants and indigenous peoples from neighbouring Redfern.  Despite the harsh, choking conditions working on heavy steam powered rail machinery presents, those that endured spoke of its heart and soul, of forged friendships that would last a lifetime.

Focus on Photography: 7 Not-To-Be-Missed Solo Shows in New York

Galerie Magazine
Paul Laster
September 18, 2019

Contemporary photography is a major focus of the city??s September shows.

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George Byrne Exit Vision

21 Gallery Shows You Won't Want to Miss in New York This Fall, From Amy Sherald's Star Turn to a Historic Cuban Artist's US Debut

Artnet News
Caroline Goldstein & Sarah Cascone
September 3, 2019

Artnet News highlights George Byrne: Exit Vision as a must see show this fall. 

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George Byrne Exit Vision

Luke Storrier

Good Weekend
John Mcdonald
27 July, 2019

His thing. Sculptures, paintings and mixed-media works, hovering between abstraction and figuration.

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Luke Storrier Fine Line

Capturing the Coast

South Coast Style
Richard Morecroft
Winter 2019

Richard Morecroft shares the painted views of six artists with South Coast connections.

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Michelle Cawthorn Manchester Road

Drawn to Dusk - Artist Paul Davies puts his crafted LA work on show at Sydney

Australian Financial Review
Helen O'Neil
3 October 2015

Paul Davies cuts his stencils with the same kind of scalpel blade his ophthalmologist father uses to slice into eyes. The results are different of course. Davies junior's use of the scalpel is potentially far less messy and brings forth images that are apparently serene and seemingly two-dimensional. Yet the issue of redefining vision is the same. That is a theme that has defined this 36-year-old artist's career to this date. Born in Sydney, now living in Los Angeles, he often uses mid-20th-century modern architecture in his work yet says what is there is not what it seems.

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Paradise Lost: Paul Davies' Fictive California

Louis Bury
Saturday, June 8

The painter's depiction of breezy palm trees and picturesque mountain ranges contain eccentric, discordant details.

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Paul Davies The Roaring Daze

Paul Davies: The Roaring Daze at Olsen Gruin

Whitehot Magazine
Kurt McVey
June 1, 2019

Davies, a Sydney, Australia native now living in Los Angeles, pulls his visual references heavily from legendary if not infamous architectural structures, which he personally documents using digital photography and later (often years later) renders up in his large-scale, pulpy (in the full Tarantino version of the word) acrylic on canvas paintings. The show also features one-off, sunset-pastel, long-exposure photograms as well as his minimal, hand-painted, laser cut sculptures. 

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Paul Davies The Roaring Daze